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Real Estate Sold for: $246,100

December 28
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**SOLD FOR $102,100**

2013 Refurbished Cabot 900 Series - Carrier Mounted Drilling Rig 

Located on Hwy 60 one mile east of Glazier, Texas

(Additional parts for the Cabot 900 are in lot 13065.  These parts are located in Carmi, IL)

900 HP, 350,000#

Carrier and Drawworks :
Consisting of Model 2346 single drum drawworks, Parmac V-80
assist brake and rotary drive. Two Caterpillar 3408 475 hp ea. diesel
engines powering drawworks, rotary drive and roading chassis.
117’, 350,000# API capacity telescoping mast includes racking board
and hydraulic catworks. Mounted on Cabot 900 series chassis.
17’ telescoping type substructure with pipe slide, BOP dolly and
track system.
Model 2346 Drawworks :
12” x 46” brake rims, 23” x 44” drum barrel. 60,000# single line pull 30”
2-plate clutch. LeBus type grooved jacket for 1-1/8” wire line. Includes
turn back rollers. NEW & REBUILT
Assist Brake :
Parmac V-80 brake with overrunning clutch. Includes supply and
discharge water manifold with air operated supply. Inlet and outlet valves.
Driller’s console includes air pressure regulator for brake modulation
control and hand valve control of friction brake function. NEW
Water Manifold :
Water inlet circuit from hammer union alongside rig to assist brake and to
water circulating brake rims. Control valve in assist brake inlet line
modulated by hand valve at driller’s control. Independent discharge line
from assist brake and rim brakes to hammer union alongside rig.
Charge Pump :
3 x 4, 11-3/4” impeller, 1150 RPM, 15 HP, 55’-70’ total head and 350 GPM
maximum volume required. NEW
Reservoir :
60 BBL volume built inside water tank for extra cooling. NEW

Driller’s Console :
Located at 17’ high elevated position with folding platform hinged to mast.
Pneumatic control for drum clutch, engine throttle, engine emergency
shutdown, transmissions and rotary clutch also included. Stairs with
handrails form platform to carrier walkway. Mechanical controls located
adjacent to controls for drawworks brake. NEW

Cabot Carrier Model C9-962-300 :
Triple axel front, triple rear axel carrier with 12 x 4 drive, 300” wheel base
(bogie center to bogie center). High strength steel fabricated frame. Eaton
EFA-22T5 triple axles (66,000# service rating) with 16-1/2” x 6” air brakes
on all wheels and with spring suspension. Eaton DP480P double reduction
powered tandem and NeWay air suspension leading third axle, all with 16-
1/2” x 7” air brakes, walking beams suspension an powered tandem
(68,000# service rating). Has spring safety brakes mounted on two
powered axles. Six 18:00 x 22.5 16-ply nylon highway tread front tires
and twelve dual mounted 10:00 x 20 12-ply all purpose rear tires. Ross
503 steering with Garrison hydraulic power assist. One-man cab with
heater, defroster, two bus type rear view mirrors, driver’s instrument
panel, adjustable bucket seats with shock absorber mounted and seat
belts. Mechanical support legs, 2-sets required (2 legs per set), rear and
midship for greater lateral stability. One 125-gallon roading fuel tank with
float valve for inlet from location fuel supply, one tool box, clearance and
directional lights, tow bars front and rear.
Walkway and Stairs :
Includes walkway alongside of unit on driller’s side extending from rear
of unit to engine area. Stairways stairs including handrails. NEW
Deadline Anchor :
Hercules 118 type wire line anchor.
Front Guy Line Anchorage :
Guy lines anchor to front of carrier. Includes wireline, tail chain, forged
steel boomers, thimbles and clamps.
Drawworks Power :
Two Caterpillar 3408 475 hp ea. Series Diesel Engines. No. 1 engine
equipped with Allison CLBT-6061. No. 2 engine CLBT -6061 torque
converter transmission with lock-up providing five forward and one
reverse speed. Each engine equipped with variable speed governor, belt
driven Bendix V-1000 (24 CFM) air compressor, horn warning system for
high water temperature/low oil pressure, commercial silencing muffler, dry
type air cleaner, air starters, and engine instruments. REEBUILT -0- HRS
Specifications :
Basic Output : 475 HP per engine at 2100 RPM; Total HP 950
Cooling : Radiator with suction fan
Starting : Air
Transmission Speed : 5 forward, 1 reverse
Shift Control : Air over hydraulic with air position indicator
Drawworks Drive :
Allison CLT-6061 and CLBT-6061 combination torque converter
transmission, each driving through Model 450 right angle drive to
drawworks final drive compound. 5 forward speeds and 1 reverse to
drawworks and rotary. REBUILT

Rotary Drive :
Heavy duty propeller type drive for rotary table through 27-1/2” size.
Includes full air rotary clutch, herringbone reduction gear and oil bath
chain elevated rotary drive from drawworks to rig floor. Elevated drive
hinge mounted. REBUILT
Easy transport and rig-up on rig carrier. Chain drive always
remains made up.
Specifications: (With Typical 3.75:1 Ratio Rotary Table)
Maximum Rotary Table Speed – 220 RPM
Rotary Speeds – 5 Forward and 1 Reverse
Elevated Rotary Drive Chain – 1-1/2” Two Strand
Propeller Shaft – Spicer 1880 final Drive, Spicer 1810 ahead of Elevated Drive
Rotary Clutch – Two Plate 18”
Hydraulic Power :
36 GPM 2000 PSI (maximum) Pressure system, provided by either of two
pumps. Tong selector valve and throttle control at driller’s position.
Wire Line Capacity: 335’
Max Pull: 8,800# (1st layer)
Max. Speed: 95 FPM (At 35 GPM) (1st layer)
Mast :
117’, 350,000# Capacity, telescoping open face structural mast with legs
of cold drawn AISI seamless alloy heat treated steel tubing. Constructed
in two sections, the upper section telescoping into the lower section for
over the road position. Adjustable support screws in mast legs; folding
ladder, level and tilt indicator. MAST IS REBUILT AND HAS MPI INSPECTION
Crown Block Assembly :
Integral type, welded box construction drilling crown assembly. Five 30”
sheaves and one 36” offset sheave for fast line. 1-1/8” grooving ALL NEW
Crown Nest :
With guard rail and expanded metal floor

Hydraulic Mast Raising, Lowering And Extending Mechanism :
Two double acting, three stage telescoping type hydraulic rising and
retracting cylinders. Upper mast section extending with two extending
cylinders. Additional to mast hydraulics for dtwo engine rigs so that
earthier engine of two engines rig may be used for hydraulic power
functions. Includes pump, drive, manifolding, lines, control valves, oil
reservoir and fluid. NEW
Mast Support :
At front and rear of carrier, supporting mast in over-the –road position.
Racking Board :
Heavy duty welded construction with derrick man’s platform of expanded
metal. Side-mounted racking fingers furnished to facilitate uniform racking
and prevent swarming. Has locking pins at open ends. Maximum capacity
10,300’ of 4-1/2” drill pipe (6-1/2” tool joints) and automatic unfolding
and folding of the Racking Board during extension and lowering of upper
section of mast
Wind Guys :
One set wind guys consisting of two 3⁄4” cables from crown and two 9/16”
cables from racking board. Each equipped with 10’ tail chain. Used on
Cabot cross type substructure.
Rig Base :
9’ wide x 40’ long x 6-1/2” deep. Structural steel covered with 1⁄4” plate
top and bottom, complete with access hinged and loading capabilities.
Substructure :
Cabot “T” Type 17’ high “Scoping” Substructure.
Features -
Derrick base and rig base 11’ x 13’ x 15’ with 5000 psi mud lines, BOP cart
and rails, stairs, walkways, safety railings, V-door ramp, and catwalk.
Maximum rotary (casing load) is 450,000 lbs. simultaneous with a setback
load of 200,000 lbs. for a total of 550,000 lbs. substructure capacity.
Generator House :
1 - 2010 Generac Series SD500 (500 KV AC) generator set powered by 16.12
liter Volvo diesel engine with 637 hours. Electric started, radiator, gauges,
power manager digital control platform.
1 - 2500 Cat SR-5 455 KW Ac generator, rebuilt. Powered by Cat 3456 691HP
engine with electric starter, gauges, Cat EMCPII diagnostic system, skidded.
1 - Sullivan Palatek rotary screw air compressor powered by 30HP electric
motor with air tank.
All of the above mounted in 9’9” wide X 42’ long utility house with 2010
Square D motor controls and switch gear with EGS 75KV A transformer,
safety florescent light, skidded.
Power Mud Pumps :
1 - Sentry S1-1000, 6 3⁄4” x 10” with quick change fluid end with pressurized
lubrication system (1 1⁄2” x 2” lines wash pump) with electric 5” x 6” x 12”
charge pumps with Sentry pulsation dampeners, 3 -5000psi relief valve, 3”-
5000psi pressure gauge all powered by 2010 Detroit Diesel 12V2000 engines-
1050 HP each, air volume tank, diesel day tank, oilfield type master skid.

1 – Gardner Denver PZ-8 with quick charge fluid end, pressurized lubrication
system; pulsation down power, 3” 3000 psi relief valve, 3000 psi pressure
gauge powered by CAT D-398 with air starter, air volume tank, diesel day
tank, oilfield mater skid
3 Tank Mud System (700Bbls) :
Shaker Tank -
4’ high x 9’8” wide x 32’ long mud shaker tank with 2 compartments.
7 1⁄2 HP mud agitators, 2- Derrick FLG-503 linear motion shale
shake, 580gpm, 8 cone Odrill desilter, top mounted walkways,
stairs, safety rails and safety florescent lights, All oilfield skidded.
Desander Tank -
4’ high x 9’8” wide x 42’ long mud desander tank with 2 compartments, 2 -
5hp mud agitators with 10’ electrical control room, for starters and control
panels. 2-60hp 5’x6”x11” centrifugal pumps, All top mounted walkways,
safety rails, and safety florescent lights. All oilfield skidded.
Suction Tank -
4’ high x 9’8” wide x 31’ long mud suction tank with 2 compartments, 1-5hp
mud agitator, 2 60hp 5”x 6”x14” centrifugal pumps, 10’ porch with mud
mixing hopper and electrical florescent lights. All oilfield skidded.
Rig Houses :
Top doghouse-10’ wide x 40’ long with benches, 12 lockers, tool and bolt
room, knowledge box, Satellite Auto Driller, Martin Decker 3 pin geolograph
recorder, 2-220Volt electrical heaters, insulated, safety florescent lights,
windows, covered porch, with electrically lowered stairs and landing with
safety rails. All oilfield skidded.

Choke manifold with two manual chokes
Handling Equipment :

1 – 40’ x 4 1⁄4 Hex Kelly with split master bushings NEW
1 – Varco Hydaulic spinner with forward and reverse
2 – BJ type B rotary tongs with heads to 9 5/8”
1 – 5 1⁄2” casing elevators
1 – 7” casing elevators
1 – 8 5/8” casing elevators
1 – Set each 4” and 4 1⁄2” drill pipe slips
1 – Set each 5 1⁄2”, 7”, and 8 5/8” casing slips
1 – Tong line pull gauge
1 – All mud hard lines, vibrating lines, Kelly hose
Rig is refurbished with all new parts and has only drilled 5
wells since going to the field.

**SOLD FOR $74,900**

2006 Taylor C-400 Carrier Mounted Drilling Rig, 5-Axle Carrier, 540HP Cat C-15, Rated 6,000:

Located in Carmi, IL

Drawworks: 2006 Pemco 96-180C Static Hook Load: 215,000LB/8 Lines (upgraded to 250,000lb)

Substructure: 2010 Custom Built 5’ x 8’9” x 16’ Optional 5’ Pony Sub

Brake: 1” x 12” Blocks with 48” x 8” Disc Brake Assist

Rotary Table: Gardner Denver 17 ½”

Mast  Swivel: 150-Ton Harm

Mast  Blocks: 150-Ton Sentry 1” – 8 Line with Spring

Mud Pumps:  Gardner-Denver PZ-7 Triplex Pump, 550-HP Cat 630-HP, w/Allison CLT Automatic Transmission; National K-380 Duplex Pump, w/500-HP Cat 3406

Upper dog house w crew

Steel Mud Pits: 2-Tank 500 BBL Trailer Mounted Mud Pit Systems 580 GMP Fluid Systems Shale 61-68  Shaker & MCM Desander/Desilter

Mud Mixing, Desanding, Desilting: (2) 5” x 6” 11” 50-HP Centrifugals (5) 15-HP Mud Agitators

2 mud pits

Mud Mixing Pump:  Side Winder 15-HP Electric Motor

Kelly With Roller Bushing:  4-1/2 Square x 37’5Kelly Spinner:  Fauster Hydraulic

Pipe Spinner:  National Pneumatic (missing)

Automatic Driller:  Red’s Satellite

Recorder: Toto 4 pin

Light Plant:  Cat SR-4 200 kw With Cat 3306 Marrell 75kw With John Deere Power

Well Control: 8” x 3,000 PSI Annular BOP; 2007 Graco Single Station 2-Bottle Accumulator 3,000-Lb Spool

Wireline: (7 Degree Sure Shot Tool is missing), 5 Star 15,000’ Electric Over Hydraulic

Elevators: DP 4-1/2” 150-Ton BN-Casing 8-5/8”, 5-1/2”, 4-1/2”

Miscellaneous: Water Tank Capacity: 200 BBL & 3” x 4” Centrifugal Pump; Fuel Tank Capacity; 3,500-Gallons – Trailer Mounted; Cathead; Hydraulic;  Slips; 4-1/2”, 5-1/2”, 8-5/8”; Drill Collar Slips; 6-1/2”

Special Equipment:  Drilling Rig Pad Approximately 35’ x 16’ x 4” Square Tube Construction; Ramp Approximately 36’ Doghouse – Trailer Mounted; Pason Equipped; Dutchmen Rig Manager Wellsite Trailer; 20’ Steel Skidded Supply/Storage Building w/Contents.

Center Tub

National K380 mud pump

Pony sub structure 3-pieces (Approx 100’ total)  Length is 5’ and width is 9’.

**SOLD FOR $55,400**

2010 Service King SK-675 Carrier Mounted Drilling Rig, 6-Axle Carrier, 665HP Detroit, 4500 OFS Allison Transmission, Rated 10,000’, VIN: 1S962DB80AL976155 Consisting of:

Located in Carmi, IL

Drawworks: 2010 Service King Model 42 x 12 Water Cooled Drums with Hercules Quick Release Deadline Anchor S/N DW 2121

Mast:  Service King 109’ Telescoping w/Static Hook Load of 315,000-LB, Racking Board with Crown Saver, S/N DK303

Upper dog house

Substructure: 8’ x 13’ Cantilever with Base Beam, 350,000-LB Setback Capacity

Brake: Double Disc Assist 48” x 8”

Rotary Table: Wheland 20-1/2” Rotary Table

Blocks: 150-Ton Sentry, 4-Sheave, 8-Lines with Spring Hooks

Mud Pumps: Emsco DA -500 Duplex Pump w/ Matco Fluid End, Powered by Cat 3406, S/N 4ZR07175;

Mud Mixing Pump: Side Winder With 15-HP Electric

Kelly With Roller Bushings: 40’ – 5-1/4 Hex

Mast photos  Kelly Spinner: N.O.V. Hydraulic Forward And Reserve

Automatic Driller: Schwab’s Pilot II Automatic Driller

Light Plant: Marcelli 75KW With John Deere Power (Mounted on Manac Trailer)

Straight hole tool-incomplete

Wireline: 7 Degree Sure Shot Tool, 5 Star 15,000’ Electric Over Hydraulic (Mounted On Manac Trailer)

Well Control: 9” x 3,000 PSI BOP Stack Including Annular And Double Rams (photos 4 & 5 in Taylor Rig); Accumulator: Burnsco 8-Bottle (Mounted On Manac Trailer)

Elevators: DP 4-1/2” 150-Ton BN Casing 7”, 5-1/2”, 4-1/2”, 9-5/8”

Miscellaneous: Portable Steel Building w/Water Tank 200 BBL Capacity, Tool Shed, & Crew Quarters; Fuel Tank Capacity: 2,000-Gallons Skid Mounted (Mounted on Manac Trailer); Cathead: Hydraulic

Special Equipment: Drilling Rig Pad Approximately 35’ x 16’ x 4” Square Tube Construction; Ramp Approximately 36’ TIW Valve; Complete Winterization Package w/Tarps

Extra Center Tub

Fuel Skid, accumulator, straight hole unit

Tarps, hand rails, etc. in tubing tub

Additional parts for the Cabot 900 will be sold in a separate lot (lot 13065) and will include the following items:

**SOLD FOR $13,700**

2000 Manac Model 13248801 Tandem Axle Step Deck Trailer, VIN: 2M5121468Y1070279 Swivel: 175-Ton Oilwell Heavy Duty Mast Dog House

Note:  The Cabot 900 Rig (lot 13129) is located in Glazier, Texas and the additional parts (lot 13065) are located in Carmi, IL



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