Turn-Key Concrete Production Facility **UPDATED**

160 Commerce Drive, Madisonville, Kentucky

Auction Info

Real Estate Sold for: $1,500,000

July 29
Concrete Production Facility & Equipment (Sold Together) Plus 1000's of New Block Pavers

Auction Features

UPDATED INFO: All prospective bidders must complete surety affidavit in order to bid. The document is provided below and MUST be returned to Hopkins County Master Commissioner office by July 25th, 2019 at noon CDT.


Hopkins County Master Commissioner's Office

123 East Center Street

Madisonville, KY 42431

Phone: 270-821-4901

Fax: 270-821-7893

Email: mc@huntandgreenlaw.com


• 28,169 SQ. FT. Open span industrial building with Nova-Shield roof

• Besser and Stanley Batch operating systems installed new in 2009 (list available below)

•  7800 SQ. FT concrete block kiln

•  Two restrooms

• Office area

• Three phase electric

• 13.52 acres of industrial zoned property

• 1,542 feet of road frontage along Commerce Drive

• 947’ frontage on Whittington Drive


Machinery & Equipment List (included in the sale of the building)

(1) Bin, 100-ton capacity, utilizing for fly ash, w/rotary airlock, access stairway, etc. (G)

(1) Air compressor, Ingersoll-Rand, w/vertical tank (G)

(1) Easy Blend Batching Control Panel, Besser (G) 

(1) Fill Control Panel, Besser (G)

(1) Block Machine Surge Hopper, Besser (G) 

(1) Dynapac Concrete Products Machine, Besser (G)

(1) Besser-Matic Loader/Unloader, Besser (G)

(1) EZ Splitter Turnover Combo, Besser (G)

(4) Line Shaft Conveyors, Besser (G) 

(1) Block Interlock Station, Besser (G) 

(1) Automatic Cuber, Besser (G) 

(1) Block and Pallet Dispenser w/Shift Plates, Besser (G) 

(1) Powered Off-Load Conveyor, Besser (G)

(5) Cube Off-Load Conveyor - 10' Sections, Besser (G)

(1) Mold Package, Besser (G) 

(1) Mold Turnover & Accessory Fixture, Besser (G)

(1) Spare Parts Package, Besser (G) 

(1) Dual Vibration System, Besser (G)

(7,300) Steel Pallets, D&M Welding (G)

(54) Racks, D&M Welding (G) 

(1) Rail Package/Anchor Plates/Shims, D&M Welding (G) 

(1) Block Mold, Bergen Machine (G) 

(1) Valve Bank Load Cell, Standley Batch (G)

(1) Truck Dump Hopper, Standley Batch (G) 

(1) Incline Conveyor, 24" X 160', Standley Batch (G) 

(1) Transfer Conveyor, Standley Batch (G) 

(1) Shuttle Conveyor, Standley Batch (G) 

(3) Aggregate Storage Bins, Standley Batch (G)

(3) Aggregate Batchers, Standley Batch (G)

(1) Reversing Collecting Conveyor, Standley Batch (G) 

(1) Incline Conveyor, 30" X 90', Standley Batch (G) 

(1) Aggregate Holding Hopper, Standley Batch (G)

(1) Cement Storage Silo, Standley Batch (G) 

(1) Silo Anti-Overfill System, Standley Batch (G)

(1) Screw Conveyor, Standley Batch (G)

(1) Round Cement Batcher, Standley Batch (G)

(1) Rapid RP1500 Counter-Current Mixer, Standley Batch (G)

(1) Mixer Microwave Probe & Water Meter, Standley Batch (G) 

(1) Rapid Mixer Trapped Key Interlock System, Standley Batch (G)

(1) Ultra High-Pressure Wash Out System, Standley Batch (G) 

(3) Washout Hoppers w/Washout Chute, Standley Batch (G) 

(1) Mixer Platform, Standley Batch (G) 

(3) Mud Feed Conveyors, Standley Batch (G)

(1) Main Mud Conveyor, Standley Batch (G) 

(1) Motor Starter Panel, Standley Batch (G)

(1) Mixer Soft Start Package, Standley Batch (G)

(1) Spare Parts Package, Standley Batch (G)

(1) Automatic Coloring System, Standley Batch (G)

(1) Heating System, Will Equipment (G) 

(1) Scale, Premier Scales (G)

(1) Orgapack Vertical Strapping Machine, Grant Packaging (G)

(1) Orgapack Horizontal Strapping Machine, Grant Packaging (G)

(1) Conveyors, Grant Packaging (G)

(1) Multi-Strap Automation Package, Grant Packaging (G) 

(Lot) 100 Ton Silo, w/automated aggregate weigh scale added to control system (G) 

Terms: Real Estate-10% of the purchase price and have approved surety on the remaining 90% of the purchase price, plus 12% interest which must be paid within 30 days of the sale date. Property taxes will be paid by the purchaser. Stock- paid in full cash or check. Property will be sold as is where is with NO BUYERS PREMIUM.


160 Commerce Drive, Madisonville Kentucky


Amy Whistle

CAI, Auctioneer/Agent
Office: 270-926-8553
Mobile: 270-316-7425
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